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When to Consider Referring a Patient to Dr. Merriman’s - Freedom From Obesity® Clinic

Obesity is a complex and chronic disease. The most recent research indicates that many of the more simple notions of eating less and exercising more as the answers to obesity are only two of a multitude of factors that play into this chronic problem. We now know that genetics, psychological and environmental factors also play enormous roles in this growing problem.

If your patient:
    • Has struggled with losing weight and had little or no success
    • Has a strong family history of obesity
    • Has serious comorbidities associated with obesity
    • Needs a joint replacement that may be denied by insurance or ineffective due to obesity
    • Has a diminished quality of life due to obesity

Then your patient may benefit from seeing a clinic specializing in helping patients who suffer from this chronic problem.

If your patient:
    • Requires Medical Nutritional Therapy
    • Specialized Nutritionist Supervised Diet
    • Diabetes Education and Supervised Diet

Please click here for additional information about our Dietitian Only Referrals.

HOW TO Refer your Patient:

(choose the easiest option for you)

    • Call our New Patient Line at 318.222.4282
    • FAX a patient face sheet with most recent office note to 318.222.3865
    • Complete our Online Form

BMI 25 to under 30:

Medically supervised weight loss plans with options for prescription support if medically appropriate and meal replacement options. All patients who see us for medically supervised weight loss are also required to see our dietitian for at least once.

BMI 30 to under 35:

BMI 35 to under 40 without treated comorbidities:

    • Medical Weight Loss
    • Surgical options (not covered by insurance without comorbidities; Self Pay options available)

- Lap Band and Lap Band with Plication
- Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy
- Gastric Bypass
- Revisions for previous Surgeries

BMI 35 to Under 40 with treated comorbidities:

BMI 40 and Over:



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